• 1/2020: Bella – Chamber Music

    1/2020: Bella – Chamber Music


    ČIERNA, Alena: Preface
    In: Slovenská hudba, Vol. 46, 2020, No. 1, pp. 5 – 6


    GODÁR, Vladimír: Ján Levoslav Bella: Chamber Music for String Instruments. The Editor’s View (II)
    In: Slovenská hudba,Vol. 46, 2020, No. 1, pp. 7 – 40

    DOI: 10.4149/SH_2020_1_1

    The study offers the survey of Ján Levoslav Bella’s chamber music for the line-up of the string quartet and string quintet. It gives basic information regarding the preserved compositions, correcting erroneous – though widely spread – facts with the goal to rectify the distorted view on the creation of our best romantic composer. On the basis of the summarized knowledge we can unequivocally confirm that also with his chamber music Bella ranked among the top composing exponents of his time, not only in domestic context. The first part of the study (published in the preceding issue of the Slovenská hudba revue) presented three quartet compositions, in this part the survey is supplemented with remaining quartets and the only string quintet. The presented knowledge resulted from the work of the author-editor on the Complete Works of Bella’s chamber music.

    Ján Levoslav Bella, chamber music, string instruments

    HARAGOVÁ, Paulína: Development of Accordion Teaching Methodology in Slovakia
    In: Slovenská hudba, Vol. 46, No. 1, pp. 41 – 76

    DOI: 10.4149/SH_2020_1_2

    The study outlines the development of the concept of accordion teaching on elementary level exemplified by the curriculum from 1965, temporary curriculum from 1981, curriculum from 1995 and the Innovative State Education Plan from 2008. The teaching concept on the secondary level was implanted into the curriculum from 1971 and the State Education Plan from 2008. The paper deals also with accordion teaching methodology. It brings information on basic methodical aspects of accordion teaching, on the handling of the instrument, about the onset and ending of the tone and it also characterizes the types and particularities of accordion articulation. Further the study compares the most used accordion playing tutorials. In the closing part it presents instructive literature by Jozef Podprocký, focused on the practice of polyphonic playing, and Miroslav Košnár’s code notation appropriate for beginners. It fastens its attention on concert performing literature by Juraj Hatrík, which became the stable part of the repertory of not only Slovak performers.

    accordion, Slovakia, history of accordion teaching methodology, accordion literature


    VESELÝ, Ondrej: Existential and Artistic-Creative (In)depedence and Freedom/Oppression of Composers
    In: Slovenská hudba, Vol. 46, 2020, No. 1, pp. 77 – 83